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A render of the Greenport campus where the BESS will be located. Image: Greenpower via Linkedin.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2022 — A 200MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) from developer Available Power at a net-zero technology campus in Texas is expected to be online in mid-2024.

The 100MW, two-hour system is being built on land leased from the GREENPORT International Airport and Technology Center near Austin, Texas.

The lithium-ion BESS unit is in advanced development and has entered the interconnection queue of ERCOT, the grid operator covering the majority of the Lone Star State. It will provide a combination of grid stability services to ERCOT as well as participating in the wholesale electricity market.

ERCOT does not have a centralized capacity auction like the UK national grid so BESS units make money entirely from selling energy to buyers in the market, as well as grid frequency response services regulation reserve service (RRS) and a sub-set within that group called fast frequency response (RRS-FFR).

The GREENPORT campus includes a corporate campus for hosting data centers, research and development, energy demonstrations, corporate offices and government agencies that have high-security requirements.

Provided by: Energy Storage News

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